Health Discovery & Fitgenes

How many times have you felt that you have not had enough time with your
medical practitioner to explain what is going on with you?
Many chronic and ongoing conditions can take some delving into to find
and address the root cause.

Health Discovery Consultations

Step 1

Book a New Client Consultation (60 to 90 minutes) - Zoom or at the clinic - at your first consultation we will work together to take an in depth look at your life history from your birth through to today to try and uncover the root cause of your health and wellness issues. We will also identify the concerns that are your highest priority.

You will have some basic recommendations to take away. I may recommend functional testing if this will help to determine what is going on for you.

Step 2

After our consultation, I will spend some time reviewing what we have discussed and putting together your tailored Care Plan.

Step 3

A 30 minute follow-up consultation - Zoom or at the clinic  - will usually be booked for the following week. At this appointment we will discuss how to put your Care Plan into action! This discussion will include an estimated budget for any additional costs and an expected timeline for ongoing support and follow up consultations that may be required.

Unsure about booking?

For a FREE introductory discussion (10-15 minutes) about your situation call me on 021 0888 5194  or send a message.

 You may be prescribed supporting herbs and practitioner-only supplements, however the long-term goal will always be to get all the nutrients that you need from eating well. We can work within your budget to ensure that you can achieve the best outcomes from the available options.

Please note: some health insurance plans cover the cost of consultations. Check with your provider to see if your plan will coveryou.

Fitgenes Consultations


Curious about how your genes may have an influence on your health and well being?
Nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics are the link between diet and genes.
Nutrigenomics is a whole system approach that investigates how nutrients can affect gene expression.
Fitgenes combines this information with knowledge of the way exercise and lifestyle can also affect gene expression to build individualised reports.
Your DNA is analysed using world leading facilities with a reputation for reliability, evidence-based products, data integrity and privacy.

Health & Wellbeing

Understand your personal genetic profile and how the variants in your genes can influence your fitness and general health.

Carb Choice

CarbChoice gives you a simple score between 1 and 14, contained in a comprehensive report that guides your dietary, exercise and lifestyle choices according to your DNA.

Food Choice

FoodChoice targets the potential for diet-related health concerns including - Coeliac Disease Risk, Lactose Intolerance, Alcohol Intolerance, Caffeine Sensitivity, Salt Sensitivity, Histamine Intolerance, Food Allergies (Predisposition).

Conversion from 23andMe or Ancestory
On request

Fitgenes can convert your 23andMe or data into something with true value, providing you with potentially life-changing information, focusing on your future.

On request

How to order a Fitgenes report:

Step 1

Book a 15 minute Introductory Zoom or phone call with me to discuss how to collect a sample to provide a postal address to send the collection kit to and to arrange an invoice.​

 Step 2

Collect your sample  - Following the directions, take the sample using the mouth swab provided in the kit and then send back to the collection agent using the enclosed courier bag​.

Step 3

Receiving your results - I will contact you when the results are back to book a 60 min Zoom or clinic consultation to review your results and recommendations with you.